Water storage tanks: an integral part of the cooling process for a data centre

28 November 2020

Water storage tanks: an integral part of the cooling process for a data centre

Data Centres have a great amount of equipment and it is very important to keep the temperatures at a consistent level because, a rapid rise in temperature can lead to electronic equipment failure and reduced efficiency of computer systems, which can negatively impact uptime. To ensure that the equipment stored in the Data Centre doesn’t overheat and remains cooled at an optimal level, Raxio Data Centre has installed two (2) Water Storage Tanks that will be used to supply water to the Indirect Adiabatic Cooling System, the key cooling system at the Data Centre Site

The Adiabatic cooling system is a process of free cooling to regulate temperature and it saves industries, especially Data Centres from a lot of costs in accessing millions of litres of water, energy costs in terms of electricity and also assists in minimizing the risk of computer system downtime.

The water storage tanks installed at Raxio handle over 150,000 litres of water respectively; water that is supplied by a primary source i.e. borehole water, and a secondary source .i.e. from the utility supplier, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).

The water from the storage tanks goes through a filtration process using the Data Centre’s own filtration system and is later supplied to the cooling units which send cold air into the walls of the Data Centre to keep electronic equipment functioning seamlessly.

Raxio Data Centre knows that cooling is an important factor for business uptime. With the instalment of water tanks to support the key cooling system, customers are assured that business continuity will not be affected and risks of temperature fluctuations will be kept in check with the cooling system set in place.

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