25 March 2020 / News

Raxio Data Centre’s Response To COVID-19

We at Raxio Data Centre recognise the current global uncertainties arising from the widespread COVID-19 outbreak have far-reaching effects on both businesses and individuals.

Our leadership team is monitoring the situation closely and following guidance from the Ugandan Government and the Ministry of Health.

We are working to minimise any potential exposure or risk to our staff, customers, investors and partners as our number one priority.

We will endeavour to continue operations as normally as we can within the local government guidance and current environment.

Below we have answered a few questions about how we are handling this rapidly evolving situation in more detail, and we will keep this page updated as necessary.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@raxio.co.ug

Thank you for working with us and stay safe as we all work together to do our part to address the situation.

Q1. How has Raxio Data Centre been impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak?

We are monitoring the situation closely and analysing the potential impact to our various activities. We appreciate that the situation is dynamic and constantly evolving, and we are speaking with local authorities, our partners and our staff daily to ensure business continuity, supply chain risk mitigation and employee safety.

Q2. How is Raxio Data Centre protecting its construction workers and other employees from exposure to COVID-19 on its Raxio Data Centre construction sites?

The priority at Raxio Data Centre remains the health and safety of all our staff members, contractors and Consultants. We have implemented strong measures to help protect the teams involved working on this project, in line with the government directives. Effective today, construction has been suspended on site for a period of 25 days, pending further developments.

We have also been ensuring the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to all workers on our construction site, and that hand sanitizing facilities and infrared thermometers will always available on site after the temporary shutdown period.

Q3. How is the COVID-19 outbreak impacting Raxio’s supply chain? 

As cargo continues to flow, Raxio Data Centre has so far not experienced significant supply chain related impact. We are currently assessing some remaining shipments especially those originating from countries where stringent lockdowns are in place. We are working closely with our global network of existing and alternative partners, suppliers, and contractors to mitigate disruption. By conducting regular check-ins with our suppliers, we are staying informed, agile and will do our maximum to adapt to any change in the current market conditions.

Q4. What are the company’s contingency plans if COVID-19 becomes a long-term issue? 

We will continue to operate in accordance with the Ugandan government guidance and our partners to complete the Carrier Neutral Data Centre in Namanve as best as possible in the current context and attempt to minimize the effects that the current Covid-19 outbreak and measures might have on project timelines.

Once operational, our Tier III data centre will serve as key infrastructure that is critical to keeping economies and societies running and communicating. We will operate as fully as we can within government guidance to deliver data services to our customers who now need it more than ever.

Q5. Are there any near-term impacts to Raxio’s construction and delivery schedules? 

The situation is rapidly evolving in many countries worldwide and we are still evaluating all possible impacts on construction in Uganda and working with different scenarios. The temporary shutdown of construction on site and current travel restrictions, if prolonged, or a further tightening of measures in Uganda or abroad will most likely impact project timelines, and we will keep this page updated if/when the situation evolves. We are monitoring the information in the countries of origin for the equipment ordered in order to keep an eye on any potential delays that could be as a result of this COVID–19.

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