1 September 2020 / News

Raxio Data Centre set to install energy-efficient indirect adiabatic cooling (IAC) systems.

The IAC systems, set to be installed at the Raxio Data Centre site in Namanve Industrial and Business Park, will be the main water-based cooling systems providing gentle air-conditioning to the IT equipment and building with minimal energy consumption.

Ventilation and air-conditioning are important for buildings, but they require a lot of energy resources, and sometimes excessive energy production harms our environment and contributes to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to our atmosphere.

Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions is important to reduce these negative effects on our environment and, it can be achieved with the help of energy-efficient systems like Indirect Adiabatic Cooling systems.

Indirect Adiabatic Cooling (=IAC) is a method of cooling the outside air without increasing its humidity ratio. It is based on cooling which is delivered by supply air, that is distributed through mixing and displacement ventilation.

This system provides cooling up to a 10 °С cooling effect without the use of refrigerants or additional power. It is an ideal partner technology for displacement ventilation and uses water as the working fluid, avoiding the use of ozone-destroying refrigerants.

Raxio Data Centre Manager, James Byaruhanga explained that:

“The Indirect Adiabatic Cooling system is most likely the first deployment of this technology in Uganda and East Africa. We care about the environment, and with that in mind, we believed and agreed based on our research that the IAC system would be the best energy-efficient and environmentally safe mechanism to use at the facility without compromising on the power needed at the facility to keep everything running”.

The IAC system is also suitable for humid countries like Uganda, and this will also provide the Data Centre an opportunity to mitigate problems of peak electricity demand during the hot season.

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