Raxio Tanzania to be commissioned in 2023

Raxio Tanzania is the country’s first carrier-neutral Tier III data centre facility and will serve as an enabler of International IP transit for the East African’s country landlocked neighbours.


Dar es Salaam with proximity to the Central Business District


Tier III Standard
Multi-mega watt capacity
2 – 21 kW per rack


Financial Services

As the second largest economy in the EAC, with an estimated population of roughly 60M and 86% mobile penetration in 2020 , Tanzania is one of the biggest consumer markets in the region.

Core services

Set to commence operations in 2023, Raxio Tanzania will offer its customers an optimized environment for their IT equipment in a state of the art, “metro-edge” facility, fully equipped with industry best in technology, security, AC/DC power compatibility and redundancy. Once commissioned, Raxio Tanzania will deliver much needed colocation capacity to local, regional and international enterprises, cross connection services with local and international carriers and a series of value-added services.



Our carrier-neutral data centre is purpose-built and certified to Uptime’s Tier III standard, and offers 99.9% uptime by using best-in-class equipment.

The facility offers customers high-spec, secure colocation environments with capacity to scale quickly in line with demand and hold all mission-critical IT infrastructure in a 24/7 redundant environment.

Carrier neutral

Allowing customers to interconnect and choose from a diverse range of carriers.

Tier III standards

To ensure a 24/7, concurrently maintainable and redundant environment with no single points of failure.

Pre-engineered design

Phased capacity rollout to meet current and future customer demands, with the ability to grow within the facility as needs require.


Design PUE ratio of 1.3.


Energy-efficient indirect adiabatic cooling technology with hot aisle containment.

Power distribution

Power distribution via redundant overhead tap-offs fed by busbars.

Power density

Able to accommodate racks from 1 kW up to 21 kW per rack.


Racks Standard 600 x 1200mm racks up to 55U. Custom solutions available.


24/7 NOC to ensure optimal performance and prompt troubleshooting.


24/7 CCTV monitoring in addition to onsite security. Up to 7 layers of physical security between the entrance and the servers.

Our story

Raxio Data Centre is an carrier-grade data centre coming soon to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

With three subsea cables already landed in the region and another set to be commissioned in 2023, an infrastructure backbone is critical to support the expected growth of the region. Raxio Tanzania will serve as an enabler of International IP transit for the East African country’s six landlocked neighbours.

The data centre will offer its customers an optimized environment for their IT equipment in a state-of-the-art “metro-edge” facility. When it opens in 2023, the facility will be fully equipped with industry-leading technology solutions that will ensure full redundancy and maximized uptime as well as optimize power consumption and energy efficiency. the growing demand

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