15 September 2022 / ዜናዎች

Raxio Group Breaks Ground for Construction of Raxio Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Raxio Group Breaks Ground for Construction of Raxio Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa, 15th September 2022: The Raxio Group (“Raxio”), a leading pan-African data centre developer and operator, held a ground-breaking ceremony that formally kicks off the construction of the  first Tier III carrier neutral colocation data centre in the DRC, located at 12eme, Limete, Kinshasa.

The event was attended by members of the government, including the Ministre du Numérique, the Conseiller Spécial du Président de la République en charge du Numérique and recently appointed head of the Agence de Developpement du Numerique (ADN), members of the media, customers and senior representatives of the Raxio Group.  During the event, Raxio presented its site plans and vision to key stakeholders, while highlighting the significance of the data centre to digital transformation in the DRC.

In his opening remarks, Robert Mullins, CEO of Raxio Group, gave his vision of the facility as a cornerstone to the DRC’s digital economy: “It’s exciting to break ground on the latest facility to become part of the Raxio network. Access to data centre infrastructure is more important now than ever before as connectivity and digital transformation make rapid progress in the DRC. As with all our facilities, our customers and partners have been at the heart of our design process and it is our aim that the DRC’s first Tier III carrier-neutral data centre will provide a critical and missing part of the country’s digital infrastructure. This will facilitate internet traffic amongst content providers locally and internationally, making the internet experience faster, more resilient, and more affordable for all digital users.”

The DRC’s digital landscape is transforming rapidly, with government representatives highlighting during the event how Raxio DRC is well aligned with the government’s strategic plans for the establishment of international standard digital infrastructure in the country, through its “National Digital Plan – Horizon 2025.” Connectivity in the country is also undergoing a transformation, with the new, highly anticipated subsea cable landings bringing much needed international bandwidth to the country, and the expansion of inland terrestrial and metro fibre networks underway. Raxio will provide carrier- and cloud-neutral colocation services to its customers, creating a healthy environment for businesses and connectivity providers to interconnect, process and store data. r

Set to be commissioned at the end of 2023, Raxio DRC is designed to a truly “metro-edge” international standard, with capacity to deliver 1.5MW of IT capacity and accommodate approximately 400 racks using the latest in technology and in keeping with Raxio’s core sustainability principles to minimize the environmental footprint. Raxio DRC, led by its General Manager, Yannick Sukakumu, will offer its customers an optimised environment for their IT equipment, fully equipped with industry-best in technology, security, caging, AC/DC power compatibility and redundancy in an “always-on”  uptime environment.

Raxio DRC is part of the Raxio Group portfolio, which includes Raxio Uganda, Raxio Ethiopia, Raxio Mozambique, Raxio Ivory Coast and Raxio Tanzania. The Company is on track to complete 10-12 data centre investments across Africa to meet the increased demand for international standard data centre infrastructure in the region.


About Raxio Group

Established in 2018, Raxio Group is Africa’s leading carrier-neutral Tier III data centre operator, delivering best-in-class colocation, cross connect, fibre and IT infrastructure services. We provide industry-standard, carrier-grade facilities and services that form the foundation for Africa’s digital economy. We also operate the widest footprint of green data centres in the continent. Following the launch of our first facility in Uganda, Raxio now has a presence in Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, and Mozambique. We are constantly expanding our footprint and are on track to build several new facilities over the next two years, establishing a network of interconnected data centres servicing the active and latent demand across the African continent. For further information, please visit www.raxiogroup.com.



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