Raxio data center in africa unveils local fibre carrier partner – Roke Telkom File na

27 May 2020 / News

Raxio Data Centre unveils local fibre carrier partner – Roke Telkom

Roke Telkom is proud to be a customer of Raxio Data Centre. As our business grows it has become imperative to evaluate our need to externalise our data storage, in order to concentrate on our core business. Our partnership with Raxio Data Centre means that we don’t have to worry about uptime and fault tolerance. We are confident that as we scale our business, given the size and rating of the Raxio Data Centre facility, we can serve even more customers without having to worry about network availability and redundancy, because of the guaranteed service uptime for our mission critical services.

As a telecom service provider, our clients are constantly looking for instant access to information and media content, meaning that they share large amounts of data, through a multitude of devices; thus generating large amounts of data, that require a host of client servers. All this requires that we have fast and reliable access to data. Our association with Raxio Data Centre gives us the flexibility to do this seamlessly. Our decision to sign up was further cemented by their ability to function round the clock with the very latest in power back up, environmental controls, fire suppression, and security. We look forward to the commissioning of this state-of-the-art data centre facility.

ROKE is a fully Ugandan owned fixed service provider with an extensive Fiber and Wireless network In Uganda. We provide services and solutions for our enterprise clients that solve all connectivity requirements. We have a global reach of service provision through our global connectivity partners that enable us to provide services even in areas that are outside our footprint locally and internationally. We have over 10 Years of experience in service provision and support for Enterprise Requirements.

Roke also currently launched a cloud based solution for Software Defined Wide Area Network services (SD-WAN) that continues our tradition and reinforces our values of being leaders in innovation in the Ugandan and International markets, this is a newer approach at creating Wide Area Networks meaning your network becomes cheaper, more efficient and more reliable. Roke’s partnership with Raxio Data Center is a timely opportunity to transition to the next level of service provision and ties into our strategies around cloud computing and virtualization. We welcome their entry into the market as it will facilitate our connections to global carriers and enable us to offer cutting edge technologies to the domestic market.

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